Daman Hercules Trophy gears up companies for lasting team benefits

March 18, 2014 4:25 pm

The Daman Hercules Trophy, the inter-company sporting competition which brings together businesses for a fun day of sporting challenges and networking, is returning for its 4th appearance in Dubai at The Sevens Stadium on March 22.

The event will once again be creating strong bonds not only within but also between companies, and a global rebooking rate of 91% is clear evidence that the Hercules Trophy is having a significant impact on the companies that take part in the yearly event. Participants not only return year after year but bring more friends and colleagues along with them to share their experiences.

Hercules CSO Inge Van Belle said today, “Come as a company, leave as a team, that’s what it’s all about at this year’s edition. We’ve added a new dimension to team building, by creating a Festival of Sports and Entertainment for all sport levels and by opening it up to different companies instead of looking at it as a purely internal matter for a company.”

This year will mark the 15th anniversary of the Hercules Trophy worldwide, and organisers are delighted with the record number of entries for the Dubai event. Over 70 teams will be participating, including several who have entered previously and want to experience the unique Hercules Trophy again. This year UAE companies returning include Atlantis, MoveOne, Urban Energy, Duplays and Bayt.com to name a few.

Bayt.com, the leading job and human resource site in the Gulf and Middle East, has participated in Daman Hercules Trophy since its debut in the UAE in 2011. HR Director of Bayt.com, Suha Mardelli said, “At Bayt.com, we have a cohesive Wellness Policy that is mandated across all our 13 offices in the region. It ensures that every person working at Bayt.com is benefiting from a healthy, happy, and productive work environment. That’s why we’re happy to participate in an event like Hercules Trophy, as a group fitness program that not only ensures our team gets some exercise, but also strengthens our great team spirit!”

“We believe that a healthy work environment is key to any organization as is the physical and mental well-being of every employee. It’s such a framework that revolves around our mission, vision and values that has had Bayt.com awarded the ‘Top Ten Places to Work in the UAE’ award for four consecutive years as well the ‘People and Culture of the Year’ prestigious SMEInfo Award (2012),” added Mardelli.

Many companies face the challenges of cultural diversity on a daily basis but the Daman Hercules Trophy contributes to team cohesion by overcoming these barriers through focussing on team building both prior to and during the event.

Across the UAE, many HR departments have recognised the benefits of participation in the Daman Hercules Trophy and have incorporated the event into employee programs, and are again looking forward to participating in this fun filled day of challenges and activities.

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