Dentons and Longwood discuss future-proofing and the role of Public Private Partnerships at leading Healthcare Infrastructure Conference

June 24, 2014 12:38 pm

Dentons joined Longwood Healthcare Systems Consulting (Longwood) in addressing a gathering of industry specialists at the Architects Congress at the recent Hospital Build and Infrastructure Middle East Exhibition which took place in Dubai.

The discussion explored future-proofing the healthcare industry across the region and focused on the development of infrastructure through clinical findings, education and research models, in particular examining the benefits and challenges of Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Covering the full sphere of healthcare design, construction, innovation and management solutions the exhibition brings together local and international leaders to share perspectives on current and future projects. The Architects Congress, now in its third year and a central feature at the Exhibition, focuses on the challenges facing the experts tasked with building the new healthcare facilities needed to meet the expanding demand across the Middle East.

Healthcare is a growing market across the region, one that is expected to reach USD 125 billion by 2015. Andrew Ward, partner in Dentons ME Healthcare team, noted that: “as significant investment is pouring into the industry across the Middle East, conferences such as this provide important opportunities to discuss the critical challenges facing the healthcare industry in the region and sustainable solutions for the future.”

Dentons and Longwood explored the use of PPP and the critical factors for successful PPP. In the Middle East, the challenge involves understanding and aligning the goals between the government and private sector in order to drive creative solutions in the healthcare sector. Judith Mitchell of Longwood noted that: “PPP’s may be structured in many ways and there are now several international examples of PPP’s which provide the opportunity to learn from past challenges as well as provide crucial benchmarks for success.” Peter Shaw of Dentons expanded on this topic, noting: “PPP has been extensively developed and tested in many countries and lessons from both successful and unsuccessful projects can be applied to healthcare projects across the Middle East region.”

Commenting on the conference, Catherine Beckett, partner in Dentons ME Healthcare team said: “This is an important forum which brings together experts with extensive experience, both internationally and across the region, to discuss not just how best to meet the opportunities and challenges but how to apply past experiences to future proof this rapidly expanding industry.”