DHA holds smart clinic to discuss precautions before using skin care products.

February 9, 2014 5:18 am

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) held today a smart clinic to discuss precautions people should take before using skin care products.

Dr Anwar Al Hammadi, director of dermatology centre at the DHA and Fatma Al Madani, consultant dermatologist discussed the several cases of skin allergies and rashes that can be caused by using certain skin products.

Al Hammadi said: “Skin care products available in Dubai are regulated by Dubai Municipality. However, the dangers of buying online products, particularly, those products that don’t disclose their ingredients or are not manufactured by a reputed and registered brand, can cause serious skin reactions. Therefore people should be cautious.”

He also added that overconsumption of vitamins can cause acne and other skin problems. ” Often patients come to us and inform us that they are consuming several multivitamins, it is important for people to understand that overconsumption of multivitamins can have side effects. It is essential to consult your general physician or dermatologist before consuming multivitamins.”

He also highlighted that pregnant women need to be careful of the skin care products they are using as some products can have contraindications.

The next ‘smart clinic’ will be held on the 13th of February and will discuss paediatric rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Those interested can follow us on @DHA_dubai