DHA issues over 140 new health facilities licenses and 5,957 medical professional licenses this year

May 28, 2014 12:38 pm

In line with the expansion of the health sector in the Emirate, the DHA health regulation department issued over 140 new health facilities licenses and 5,957 medical professional licenses this year itself.

Dr Ramadan Ibrahim, director of health regulation at the DHA, said, “The health sector in Dubai is undergoing rapid expansion and the issuance of so many facility and professional licenses in the first half of 2014 itself, is testimony to the growth of the health sector.”

He said, “The DHA regulation department encourages more facilities to be built keeping in mind geographical access as well as the need of the health sector.| He added, “We want to ensure there is no underutilization or overutilization of healthcare resources and therefore we guide investors with regard to areas in where health investment in needed. This ensures investors of a better return on investment and more importantly provides the health sector with specialised areas of expertise as per the needs of the Emirate.”

He said, “Issuance of licenses is an online procedure that is undertaken through the online Sheryan system. Applicants can apply for a license to open a facility or practise medicine from anywhere in the world. They need to provide several documents online and those applying for a license to practise need to undertake an online exam in their country as well.”

Ibrahim said, “While the procedure is online, it is stringent to ensure high quality of healthcare professionals and facilities in Dubai.” He said of the new facilities that have been granted a license, two are diagnostic centres, three are hospitals, 84 are out-patient care facilities and 33 are pharmacies and the remaining 18 are optic shops, homecare-licensing centres etc.

In terms of the license for medical professionals, 1951 are for allied health professionals, 13 are for complementary health professionals, 326 are dentists, 2752 are nurses and midwifes and 915 are physicians.

He said, “Presently Dubai has a total of 25 hospitals (21 in the private and 4 in the government sector.) Additionally, 18 new private hospitals are underway in Dubai. Dubai has over 2,579 health facilities in Dubai both in the public and private sectors. These facilities employ more than 27,261 healthcare professionals. Dubai has more than 7000 physicians speaking more than 60 languages and has amongst the best tourism infrastructure in the world. A total of 587 polyclinics and 700 pharmacies are also operational in the Emirate.”

Ibrahim said, “In line with Dubai Strategic Plan 2013-2025 and keeping Dubai Expo 2020 in mind, the health sector will witness major developments in the coming years.”