DHA nutrition department holds workshop to educate people about healthy ways of weight loss.

April 15, 2014 2:57 pm

Dubai Health Authority’s nutrition department held today a workshop at Rashid Hospital to provide information to visitors and patients about healthy cooking methods and lifestyle modification to maintain their weight.

This workshop is part of the series of awareness activities to mark World Health Day which is celebrated on April 7th every year. The theme of the awareness program is ‘Become fit without surgery’.

Dr Ahmad bin Kalban, CEO of Hospital Services Sector at the DHA inaugurated the workshop and said such initiatives help raise community awareness about pertinent health issues.

Afra bin Katta, head of clinical nutrition section at Rashid Hospital, said: “We are holding a series of workshops that are aimed to educate people about healthy cooking methods and the importance of trying to lose weight naturally without surgery. Surgery should be considered only when all other methods of weight loss have failed. Moreover surgery, is a reasonable option if the person has a BMI of above 40 or a BMI of above 35 and has certain health conditions. Before a person decides to undergo surgery consultation with the physician is crucial.

She highlighted that while surgery is needed for some patients, it should not be considered as a permanent fix because the only permanent solution is lifestyle management. ” We often educate patients that while surgery may be a good option when other methods of weight loss have failed, it is not a permanent solution. If a patient opts to undergo surgery, the patient needs to understand that modification of diet and eating habits is required post-surgery. Patients who have the greatest success with surgery adopt moderate eating and exercise habits to maintain their weight loss over a long period of time. Lifestyle changes after surgery can be the hardest part of the recovery process.”

The workshop also educated people about the importance of regular exercise. ” Moderate exercise for 30 minutes, five times a week is important and for people who have undergone surgery or have underlying health conditions, exercise should be done only after consultation with their doctor.”

The 2009 Dubai Household Health Survey revealed that only 19 per cent of Dubai’s population exercise on a regular basis and that 59 per cent of residents in Dubai do not consume enough fruit and vegetables.

She said: “Sustained measures of health education is important to drive home the message about the dangers of a sedentary life and fast-food culture that directly leads to expanding waistlines. Our aim through this initiative is to encourage the community to incorporate simple changes in their lifestyle so that they can lead a healthier and a happier life.”

The workshop educated people about healthy cooking options such as steaming, baking, using less oil etc. to ensure they can limit their calorie intake on a daily basis.

Additional workshop will take place at several government institutions as well as Al Barsha mall this month.