DM forms committee to enhance Makani app

May 20, 2014 2:18 pm

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality has issued a decree forming a committee to enhance the performance of ‘Makani’ app recently developed and launched by the GIS department of the civic body.

The committee will be headed by Eng. Abdul Hakim Malik, director GIS department and number of technical experts and officials from both IT and GIS departments.

Lootah said the decree is aimed at enhancing the performance of Makani in line with the best international practices in the related field.

‘We are proud to develop such a prestigious application to serve different segments of the society. As Dubai is the first Arab city that develops its own addressing app, we need to make the perfect one to meet all its objectives,’ he said.

The committee will undertake to study thoroughly the entire similar practices in the world and enhance the app in line with the characteristics and requirements of the city of Dubai,’ he added.

According to Eng. Abdul Hakim Malik, the new program is expected to be one of the most powerful applications developed by Dubai Municipality, where customers will be able to use an integrated code system, which has only 10 digits, to explore all the information about the entire numbered buildings in Dubai.

‘The new numbering system will cover all the governmental, commercial and residential buildings in the emirate of Dubai. Since the system has no letters or words or any language except a barcode and 10 digit number, all nationalities can completely benefit from the Makani once they have the number of target building or place,’ said Malik.

‘Makani is not only an ordinary plot locating app , but it’s all about planning and controlling a well developed city using the information collected through the app and provide the best services to the public ensuring a safest and smartest life in the city as well as maintaining the current facilities and developing it without effecting the day to day life of the people,’ he said.

‘The user can enter a 10 digit code in the app and find out the place with the accuracy to less than one meter. Also this can be used to find out a person who uses any smart phone with the app if the WiFi is turned on as it gives more accuracy than 3G an 4G connections,’ he further said.

‘We hope this app will help our security forces quickly take necessary action based on the information collected through the barcode given to each premise in the emirate of Dubai,’ he said.

Makani will give people a very clear picture of any requested location; it will also help policemen and ambulance to reach any emergency situation within few minutes, additionally, the application will support different kinds browsers and applications such as Google map and Google earth..etc.