DM to join ‘Best Place To Work’ project

July 20, 2014 3:00 pm

As part of Dubai Municipality’s continuous efforts to raise into the most advanced levels of employees’ satisfaction and achieve excellence and innovation in tune with the best international practices and standards, it has commenced to implement the project to qualify the civic body to join the group of ‘Great Place To Work’ organizations in the world.

The move is aimed at benefiting from the global experiences of GPTW in enhancing the work environment of great organizations all over the world.

Eng. Khalid Abdul Rahim, director human resources department, said, “GPTW is an organization that specialized in research and consultancy and has over 50 branches all over the world. it conducts opinion poll among 10 million employees every year to know their work environment both in government and private sectors covering all areas of work. It also issues a list of best work places in the world based on the fulfillment of highest levels and requirements for the employee friendly working environment.”

He said, “This survey measures the opinions of employees on a set of areas including the trust of employee in the organization and its leadership as well as their self esteem and pride in the work for their organization.
‘It also considers physical work atmosphere, relationship with colleagues conducting an electronic survey among the entire employees. Moreover, it studies the methodologies, policies and systems adopted by HR department and accordingly identifies the organization’s conformity with the globally recognized standards. It provides clear suggestions to achieve the best practices in order to reinforce the points of strength and improve the areas of weakness,’ he explained.
‘Every year GPTW selects best places to work locally, regionally and globally as well as best working environment country wise,’ he said.
‘Dubai Municipality is one of the early birds to join with GPTW in the emirate of Dubai as it considers its human resources the real assets of the organization that totals at 11,000 from employees and workers in 33 departments comprising of 140 different work sites,’ he further said.
‘In terms of its responsibilities, the civic body deals with all segments of the society including citizens, residents and visitors irrespective of ages and nationalities, which in turn necessitates to be keen in possessing and providing best ways of satisfaction and empowerment among employees to meet its huge responsibilities,’
‘A time will come where all government organizations in Dubai would be among the best places to work globally in tune with the aspirations of our wise leadership,’ he hoped.