DMA holds lecture about healthy nutrition in collaboration with Tawam Hospital

April 19, 2014 8:55 am

The Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) has recently held a lecture entitled ‘Healthy Nutrition for a Healthy Life’ in Auditorium of Abu Dhabi City Municipality delivered by engineer Nada Zuhair Al Adeeb, Director of Community Nutrition at Tawam Hospital. The lecture aimed at raising health awareness level among employees of the Municipal System and introducing new, healthy & modern concepts to our lifestyle, starting from the daily practices, instilling proper dietary habits and finishing up by striking a psychological health balance.

At the start of the lecture, which was attended by a plethora of employees from both the DMA and Abu Dhabi City Municipality, engineer Nada Al Adeeb underlined the importance of attention to healthy diet at workplace, since thinking & analysis at work consume much energy, and therefore employees should take snacks between breakfast & lunch, and also between lunch and dinner for those who work in the afternoon or evening shift.

“Breakfast is the most important meal during the day as it brings a host of health benefits to the human body and protects it from so many diseases. Despite the fact that other meals such as lunch and dinner play an important role in providing the body with nutrients, dieticians have valued breakfast more than other meal during the day. Therefore, nutritionists have repeatedly recommended this meal, but this advice is not heeded to by a lot of people who underestimate the importance of taking a breakfast,” declared Nada Al Adeeb.

“Studies, she added, have shown that breakfast enhances the stamina during the first part of the day and empowers the individual to carry out practical duties. Breakfast is similar to refuelling, as humans abstain from eating throughout the night hours starting from dinner until the morning sets in. During this period, the human body loses a lot of basic calories that provide the human body with energy and power to discharge the daily activities,” she continued.

“We cannot control employees’ choices, but we can provide healthy options for everybody,” continued Al Adeeb, who pointed out, “The results of a study conducted by a company had revealed that the majority of employees were interested in improving their food and drink and expressed their wish to have such stuffs provided during meetings, celebrations or in canteens.” She noted, “Skipping the breakfast would cause the person to take carbohydrates later during the day more than those who take breakfast.” Al Adeeb stressed the importance of diversifying breakfast by introducing vegetables, fruit, low-fat milk, cereals, and some nuts, besides abstaining from fats and yellow cheese to avoid high cholesterol, overweight and obesity, which all undermine productivity.

Engineer Nada reviewed the Nutrition Guide for Arab Countries “Food Pyramid/ Dietary Dome,” which recommends taking different types of food everyday such as adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, besides eating meat, fish, poultry, legumes and nuts on regular basis, with sufficient quantities of grain & milk and their products on daily basis. The “Dietary Dome” also recommends reducing the intake of food and drinks which are high in fat, sugar and salt, besides taking sufficient amounts of water and other liquids on daily basis and maintaining a proper weight-height ratio, besides introducing physical activities as an integral part of the daily routine and limiting contact with smokers.