DMD & More offers Ferme St Jacques chicken produce

July 31, 2014 2:29 pm

DMD & More, the distributor for Ferme St Jacques, Selva Delicatessen, Artequesco and Buenalba, have announced its distribution to the producer of Ferme St Jacques chicken.

At an altitude of 1,000 meters, the Batroun farms are rearing a limited number of chickens. Jihan Faghali, general director of Volailles de Batroun, said, “Having grown to full size, the chickens are now taken on a particular route each day.”

Adding, “The way they have been reared means that they have grown slowly and naturally. Consequently, the quantity of the poultry is limited, which has reduced problems such as pests faced by many farms.”

Ferme St Jacques chicken is subject to rigorous tests to ensure a distinctive taste. Moreover, gourmet restaurants and hotels are serving high-end food which includes Ferme St Jacques chicken. Chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants in France are still using this variety of chicken in their dishes.

The chickens are fed naturally, with corn, soya and wheat, and never with animal protein. Likewise, chemical-based medicines are not used, which ensures that there are no traces of antibiotics in the meat.

Chicken from Ferme St Jacques is simply the tastiest and healthiest out there.