Dubai abattoirs ensure global standards, staff get intensive training

May 13, 2014 3:24 pm

Abattoirs section of public health services department at Dubai municipality has organized an intensive training programme for its employees in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) that delivers marketing, research and development services for Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat producers.

The training was led by the Australian expert Dr. John Lightfoot under the supervision of Dr. David Beatty, regional manager of MLA.

The programme held under the title ‘Preparations and healthy practices in abattoirs’ was aimed at ensuring the provision of best services in line with international standards using most advanced tools and equipments to maintain the health and safety of the consumer in sync with the vision of Dubai Municipality.

Ahmed Hassan Al-Shammari, head of abattoirs section said the course covered the theoretical, scientific and practical aspects of the work in abattoirs. It has benefited administrators, doctors, technicians, observers and butchers as the program focused on healthy ways in the slaughter, preparation and processing of the meat products.

‘It also included basic standards of animal welfare in slaughterhouses such as peeling the skin to prevent contamination of carcasses and the proper ways to get rid of the viscera in ways that prevent the contamination,’ Al Shammari said.

‘The advanced methods of measuring PH and cooling of the meat scientifically to prevent pollution and preserve the quality of the meat was demonstrated,’ he said.

‘The workshop has helped to upgrade and develop the skills and knowledge of our workers as well as to get training on the latest scientific methods used worldwide for the production of healthy meat in line with the international legislations, regulations and standards,’ he explained.

He said we have already started using a new machinery to clean carcasses by vacuum cleaning method in Dubai abattoirs. The new machine works by steam with high force at a temperature of 160 degree Celsius and with suction process it removes all the dirt and remnants of hair from the carcasses.

He advised public to depend abattoirs always especially during celebration periods like Eid to ensure health& safety aspects.

Rates at Dubai abattoirs

Al-Shammari said the slaughtering services can be had at Dubai abattoirs at nominal rates.

According to him the rates are as follows: sheep and goats- 15 AED, cows 30-55 AED (as per size), camels 60-65 AED (as per size).