Dubai Customs launches Talent Management Program

July 19, 2014 11:43 am

The Human Resources, Finance and Administration Division at Dubai Customs has launched “Talent Care Program”, a first-of-its-kind initiative at the local, regional and international Customs level. The new program is in line with Dubai Government’s drive towards creating workplace environments conducive to innovation, and supports the Division’s strategy aimed at promoting creativity and ingenuity at work to help achieve DC’s strategic goals and benefit both employees and the community at large.

Buti Abdullah Al Jumairi, Executive Director of HR, Finance and Administration Division, said: “The Program is in pursuance of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to provide a stimulating work environment that inspires creative initiatives, and seeks to underpin Dubai Customs’ efforts to retain its outstanding staff and develop their vocational skills. This, in turn, will enhance DC’s competitiveness in Customs work and help realize its core objectives.”

Dr. Sheikha Al Ghafri, Senior Manager of the Customs Training Center, said: “In the first stage, the Program will search for talented and creative people. The talented category includes those individuals with notable talents in different areas of work and who can show extraordinary capabilities in performance, as well as bring in innovative initiatives and suggestions for job development and improvement; in addition to those who have extra gifts such as painting, couture, photography and a multitude of other talents.

The creative category, on the other hand, includes employees who have submitted some implementable ideas and suggestions that can be useful not only to the organization but also to the society, as well as the winners of Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) awards.”

Dr. Al Ghafri, who is the Program supervisor, remarked that the selected talent would be enrolled in divers specialized training courses that suit their vocations, besides other programs that will help boost their skills, such as innovative leadership, creative thinking, creative problem-solving, removal of negative energy, patents acquisition and other self-development courses.

This kind of talent training programs are very useful in nurturing a creative culture inside and outside of Dubai Customs, increasing productivity, improving performance and retaining creative brains at DC. By wisely managing and developing its talent, Dubai Customs can use these gifted staff to introduce further innovative development projects that would help maintain its global position as a leading Customs administration in the world supporting legitimate trade and safeguarding public security.