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Dubai Diabetes Centre holds workshop to educate medical professionals about technological advances in diabetes management

March 20, 2014 11:08 am

The Dubai Diabetes Centre recently held a two-day workshop to educate medical professionals from the DHA about the recent advances in blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration for people with diabetes.

The aim of the workshop was to educate all medical professionals on how to use advanced insulin pumps as well as educate them about how to use the latest blood glucose sensors.

The two-day workshop was held in conjunction with Medtronic, a company that makes medical equipment for management of diseases such as diabetes.

Dr M. Hamed Farooqi, director and consultant endocrinologist at the Dubai Diabetes Center said: ” It is important to keep up with advances in technology as it helps in achieving better patient outcomes. During this workshop medical professionals were educated about the latest sensor device which is used in patients for up to seven days and can continuously monitor their blood glucose readings. The sensor is a small device that is inserted under the skin. It measures and transmits the person’s blood readings on a continuous basis. This data then helps an endocrinologist understand the pattern of how an individual’s blood glucose level fluctuates. Based on that, the endocrinologists can adjust the insulin dose for that patient. Insulin can either be given through the pump or through injections depending on the patient’s condition.”

He said all medical professionals who attended the workshop were put on the sensor for 24 hours to understand exactly how it works.

Dr. Farooqi advocated that people with diabetes should regularly monitor their glucose levels so that their insulin doses can be modified accordingly.

Inaam Kandil, head of diabetes education at the Dubai Diabetes Center said that since diabetes affects every part of the patient’s body it is important to keep it under control which cannot be achieved through medication only, exercise and diet are equally important. “Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and only complete lifestyle modification will ensure that the patient can manage the disease with minimum complications.”

Abdulla Juma, director of administrative affairs, reiterated the DHA’s commitment to providing state -of-the -art diabetes treatment to the patients coming to the Dubai Diabetes Center. He stated that every effort is being made to provide the best possible care to these patients including the use of the latest technology in diabetes management.