Dubai Health Authority Director-General felicitates employees and external customers for best suggestions; excellence in service

August 31, 2014 4:15 pm

The Dubai Health Authority held the second annual meet to felicitate employees and external customers that provided best suggestions.

The ceremony also felicitated employees and departments that excelled in providing high level of customer satisfaction.

His Excellency Engineer Essa Al Maidoor, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority(DHA) addressed employees of the DHA and external customers during the ceremony and said, “In May 2013, we announced the Dubai Health Strategy 2013-2025 and mentioned that customer care is at the heart of our strategy. I am glad that we are moving in the right direction. For the health sector, excellence in healthcare management, delivery and customer care must go hand-in-hand. This ceremony reiterates the importance of customer satisfaction.”

Al Maidoor expressed his appreciation to external employees who took time out to write to the DHA with their suggestions. “We are glad to mention that we have either incorporated your suggestion or are working towards it and your suggestion will help improve the customer experience and services provided by the health sector.” He also expressed his appreciation to DHA employees that – provided the most useful suggestions, and to DHA customer service coordinators who completed their work – promptly to ensure timely action of complaints, suggestions and feedback.

A total of 52 personnel were felicitated- of these 11 external customers and 13 DHA staff members who provided the best suggestions were awarded, eight departments that implemented the suggestions, eight employees ( including doctors, nurses and administration staff) who received the maximum number of ‘thank you’ letters from patients, nine customer service coordinators and DHA’s strategic partners: Noor Dubai Radio, Sharjah Radio and Ajman Radio, were awarded during the ceremony. Representatives from Dubai Executive Council, Department of Economic Development and Dubai Municipality also attended the ceremony.

Sheikha Al Rahoomi, Director of Customer Relations Department at the DHA, said, “Having a robust customer feedback mechanism and a clear focus on customer satisfaction, helps raise the bar in health service delivery, it also helps us implement better and effective systems as feedback is an invaluable resource for any organisation.” She said, “The DHA is moving ahead with its various customer service initiatives it announced during the launch of the Dubai Health Strategy in May 2013.” “As announced at the launch of the DHA health strategy in 2013, we have successfully formed a committee consisting of customer-service personnel and the committee is known as ‘At Your Service Team’ They are present in the service areas of DHA hospitals and health centres and wear a blue jacket which a logo which reads ‘At Your Service’ so that it helps people easily identify them,” she added.

She also added, “The ‘DHA customer service index’ will be implemented in some DHA health centres and hospitals by the end of this year itself.”

The system is a customer service measurement mechanism. It is built on the lines of the concept of the index – the customer service mechanism has two bars- red and green. Green signifies satisfaction and red signifies dissatisfaction. The system is simple and can be used by customers who have availed of the services at the DHA. Before exiting the premises, customers can press the ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’ button and the rating will appear on the screen in the form of red and green bars.

The screen is for all to see and changes every 30 seconds. It will be implemented across all the DHA hospitals and primary healthcare centres and the DHA headquarters will have an area where all these screens are displayed and customer satisfaction can be viewed in real time. The thought process behind this service is to further empower customers to express their opinion and let them be the judge of the services provided by the DHA.

Customer feedback will be received at the end of the service channel, which means registration, service provision, procurement of medicines from the pharmacy are all steps which will be evaluated.