Dubai holds health awareness campaign

February 27, 2014 10:26 am

Under the slogan of ‘Together Against Occupational Diseases’ The Public Health Services Department at Dubai Municipality, organizes the occupational diseases campaign starting from February to October 2014.

Zubaida Mohammed Sharif, Head of Clinic & Medical Services Section at Dubai Municipality Clinic, said, “The campaign aims to raise awareness about occupational diseases among workers in deferent companies, factories, and institutions in both private and government sectors.”

“It also aims to encourage institutions, and factories to have occupational examination tests on its employees in order to reduce the risks and complications of occupational diseases, thus raising health fitness among workers,” Sharif added. “Sponsored by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), one of the leading global healthcare companies, the campaign is focusing on both private and government sectors establishments with the participation of 24 establishments that contain 16 factories and private companies and eight government and semi government establishments including Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority, the UAE University (Faculty of Medicine), ENOC, DUBAL, Dubai Drydocks, and DEWA,’ she concluded.

Dr. Munir Hamad from DM Clinic said, “The occupational diseases campaign will have three stages that will start from February until October 2014. The first stage will be the launching of campaign, while the second stage will focus on the implementation where weekly visits will be scheduled to factories and companies in collaboration with hospitals to provide seminar and specialized medical examination of the entire human body. The third stage will be focusing on reviewing and studying the data and results to conduct a statistical study and follow up.”

“Last year we organized this campaign for government employees which was a big success with the support of our dedicated partners and could make remarkable change in the lifestyle of government employees. This year we would like to expand the campaign to private sector targeting the law income people who can prevent many diseases if they know their actual healthy conditions just by changing their lifestyle,” he said. “A verity of health programs, tests and activities in addition to an educational exhibition are organized. This type of initiatives come as part of the enthusiasm of the civic body to involve in the activities to protect the health and safety of the basic category of the society aiming to raise awareness regarding the health issues and highlighting the importance of leading a fruitful and happy life,” he further said.

“We aim through this initiative to help the workers for the early detection of possible diseases and its impact in the life and work. The section will provide all required medical tests such as pressure, sugar, cholesterol, bone …etc in addition to the distribution of thousands of free medical gifts as well as services in coordination with the participating hospitals and companies,” he explained.

“The participating hospitals will also provide free and discounted treatment for certain diseases not covered by the insurance policy after necessary approvals from the municipality,” Dr. Munir added.

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