Dubai hosts the first HR Forum focused on calculating return on investment in HR function

June 3, 2014 12:23 pm

Dubai will host the Middle East’s top HR professionals from June 3rd- 5th 2014 at the inaugural (Return on Investment) ROI for HR Forum 2014 organized by QnA International. The Forum kicks starts today at the Fairmont the Palm Hotel and Resorts with delegates attending from across the Middle East. The ROI for HR Forum is the first of its kind platform in the Middle East that exclusively focuses on calculating Return on Investment in HR paradigm.

Gone are the days when smiley presentations and a couple of theories would establish your credibility as an HR professional. Times are changing; it is now the era of “performance”. Not mere words, but numbers is the language of HR professionals of the 21st century. Calculating the return on investment is quintessential for every HR professional today, “To ensure the success of each endeavor and undertaking, the analysis of market conditions, the weighing in of risks and liabilities as well as the procurement of expert input and guidance are indefinite concerns of an HR professional. An efficient HR professional, although strategic and tactical, must pay heed to certain instincts that have been developed over years of experience. In order to maintain a reputable level of consistency, it is crucial that ROI evaluations be carried out.” said Joe Chalouhi, HR Manager for GE (General Electric), MENAT who will be presenting a keynote on ROI in succession planning.

Keeping this is mind the ROI for HR Forum and workshop has been designed to share the regional strategies, best practices, insights, tools and techniques, case studies and challenges of implementing Return on investment strategy for the HR function. John Harker, Group Director Human Resources, Marketing and Corporate Communication, Al Futtaim Group UAE who is speaking on linking HR strategy to business strategy, said “It is sometimes difficult to quantify and communicate the return on investment of HR initiatives. This is an ideal forum for HR professionals to share impactful ways in which to provide quantifiable financial data and strategies on how to communicate these results to stakeholders in a meaningful way. It is also a great opportunity to share important lessons learnt.” Adding to this viewpoint, Avinash Deshpande Sr.PM – Strategy Implementation, CEO’s Office, Mowasalat, Qatar who will share a keynote on “how to get your balanced scorecard to deliver its people ROI” at the forum said “In simple terms, “sharing is caring “, if you really care about the HR fraternity as a whole irrespective of it being in the middle-east, or in any other part of the world, it is important that you share the knowledge of measuring and evaluating HR. Investment in HR can make the executive management jittery, because projects in HR often provide no tangible results. Evaluating returns from HR from a dollar perspective is not only significant from the management’s perspective for continuous trust in such projects, but also give HR a reason to be motivated and to demonstrate the worth of its existence in the organization in tangible (monetary) terms.”

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of people development initiatives (HR) is one of the most convincing ways to gain support at the board level. Saqr Ahmed Mohamed, Head of People Excellence, The General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai, UAE reinforced this by stating “It is very essential to view HR Business Unit as a valuable asset to the organization and such congress gives a great opportunity to HR leaders to strengthen their position by gaining useful and meaningful tips that contributes to the organization success and pleases the top management.”

ROI answers the question: “For every dollar invested in people development, how many dollar does the employer/organisation get back?” to which John Harker further said, “Calculating the return on investment through quantifiable metrics improves the credibility of HR as a profession and allows management to identify specific, measurable ways in which HR services benefit the organization. All HR initiatives should be inline and in support of the organization’s strategy and metrics provide important insights or the ‘proof’ as to whether or not HR is still supporting the organization in a meaningful way.”

The conference saw a wave of change in the mindset of the forward thinking and leading companies of the Middle East, who know that the way forward is number crunching in Human Resources and not smiley presentations. The delegates included the top HR executives from some of the most powerful companies in the government, semi government, private companies, budding SME’s and MNC’s from the GCC and the speakers spanned from many countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Iran, UAE ,Netherlands, to name a few.

Joe Chalouhi added, “The HR Forum is clearly indicative of a diverse melting pot of ideas, methodologies and work systems that can only educate participants with new approaches to the field. HR professionals seeking to ascend from their temporary slumps or those seeking to take their efficiency a step forward must grasp this opportunity to contemplate different strategies and attitudes that may inspire them to incorporate the same in their own practice. Everyone is different; though similarities are present there are enough differentiations to distinguish entities. The ROI for HR Forum presents a unique opportunity of HR professionals to find the best amalgamations of quality and value that they can imbibe in their own operations. At such tremendous events, there is always something to be gained. Whether it is creation of partnerships or the exchange of ideas in engaging discussions, the forum will be a productive experience for all with an eye for innovation, growth and development.”

Sponsored by Novaterra and raffle draw partner Grand Resort Lagonissi, the ROI for HR Forum 2014 is a powerful initiative set to revolutionize and challenge the perception of HR as a nonprofit sector while establishing the fact that the HR function can be quantified, with solid tangible results, number crunching strategies and turns it into a profit making function of any organization.

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