Dubai launches ‘Leaders at Your Service’ initiative

May 29, 2014 9:33 am

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched the ‘Leaders at Your Service’ initiative to provide customers with an opportunity to directly express their feedback, suggestions and complaints to senior DHA leaders.

Sheikha Al Rahoomi, Director of Customer Relations Department at the DHA highlighted the importance of this initiative and said: “The DHA provides several platforms for customers to express their feedback, suggestions and complaints and the customer service department ensures through follow-up in all cases. The idea of introducing this initiative was to provide customers with a direct platform to communicate with the leaders of the DHA.”

Rahoomi said the initiative will take place on a monthly basis and customers can call 800 342 to directly speak to the leaders selected for that month. For instance, today’s topic pertained to the dental services provided at the DHA.

Dr Manal Taryam, CEO of Primary Healthcare and Dr Tariq Khoory, Director of Dental Services at the DHA engaged with customers on the topic of dental services provided at the DHA and addressed over 50 queries over a period of two hours.

Rahoomi said, “Before every engagement session, we promote the initiative through advertisements and the DHA social media platforms so that people are aware of the topic and can actively participate in this initiative.”