Dubai Municipality opens new parks in two Dubai schools

March 5, 2014 3:22 pm

Component to the ongoing 34th Plantation Week activities, Dubai Municipality has opened two new parks in Dubai, which are inside school campuses and going to be maintained by student teams.

The newly opened parks are one in Al-Wasl school campus and the other in Al-Maktoum school.

The ceremony at Al-Wasl school was attended by top officials of civic body including Eng. Mohammed Abdul Kareem Julfar and Eng. Salah Amiri, Assistant Director Generals, as well as representatives of school management and teachers.

Meantime, the park at Al- Maktoum school was opened by Obeid Shamisy, Assistant Director General of the civic body in the presence of Eng. Taleb Julfar, Director , Public Parks & Horticulture department.

Officials said, the opening of school parks comes as part of fulfilling the strategic vision of the municipality to expand the green areas in the city by ensuring active participation of student community.

Municipality also aims to spread the awareness among educational community with regards to planting trees and love and care towards greenery.

Earlier, Public Parks& Horticulture officials had visited several schools in Dubai to introduce school parks project implemented as part of the plantation week activities.

After continuous communications with the managements, finally 12 schools were nominated for the projects, which were found to complying with the set of criteria.

Technical team assigned with selecting apt schools, fixed 4 out of 12 schools to carry out the projects.
Later, Dubai Municipality invited private companies to sponsor students’ park out of which 4 were given the chance to sponsor each school selected for implementing the project.

Selected schools have to appoint a teacher who would be taking care of the for the project.

Enough space for park project, irrigation facilities, outside and inside teams for irrigation works, special students team for planting and maintaining plants are other requirements for campus parks.

Dubai Municipality also has organized a workshop on floral arts being part of third day activities of plantation week.
Tomorrow (6th March) the activities would be organized in Mushrif Park.

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