Dubai set to become medical tourism hub of Middle East: CEO – Canadian Specialist Hospital

September 4, 2014 2:22 pm

Canadian Specialist Hospital, one of the pioneers in the field of medical tourism in the UAE, has stated that Dubai has all the necessary attributes to become one of the world’s best and cost effective medical tourism hub.

Dubai is steadily reaching popularity as a dynamic hub for medical tourism in the region. This is due to the affordable cost of treatment, state-of-the-art medical facilities and the presence of bilingual medical team that can cater to several nationalities from across the globe.

“Dubai is aptly positioned to attract tourists from across the globe to avail the best health care facilities. Medical facilities offered in this region is priced lower compared to other markets around the world. Medical tourism can become a huge source of revenue for the country if the full potential of this industry is tapped. Dubai is expecting over 20 million visitors by 2020 and this will surely help grow the medical tourism sector further,” said Dr.Haider Al Zubaidy, CEO, Canadian Specialist Hospital.

Medical tourism industry is estimated to be a multibillion dollar business globally and is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years.

“Dubai has already become one of the major tourism destinations in the world. The country’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities are second to none. In addition to the regular tourists the city has been witnessing a surge in medical tourists from different parts of the globe. Our hospital receives hundreds of patients from across Eastern Europe, Africa and other countries in the Middle East. We provide them with a full range of packages covering almost all specialties that starts right from a comprehensive health checkup to laparoscopic neurosurgery,” added Dr.Haider.

“If the patient makes a decision to avail the hospital’s services by visiting the hospital then the hospital should make the necessary arrangements for the patients and relatives, inclusive of visa, accommodation, consultation, admission and transportation. We have to ensure that we make the patients feel at home and don’t make them feel that they are in a foreign destination. A vast range of services need to be provided once the patient is admitted to the hospital, including something as basic as translations and all the daily requirements during their stay,” said Dr.Haider.

“Dubai can also stand to benefit from the fact that healthcare costs and hospital waiting times in the US and Europe are on the rise. Highly qualified doctors certified from the US and other countries are currently offering the best procedures and treatments in Dubai through hospitals and boutique clinics. The medical tourism sector is booming world-wide and Dubai is all set to carve a niche as it has the infrastructure and medical facilities of international repute,” concluded Dr.Haider.