Dubai Watch Week: Experience your ‘life times’

November 16, 2017 2:38 pm

Time and man go way back, well since the beginning of time.

To keep time, early man looked at the sun, the moon, the stars and even his face in the water, as he aged.

Today, we have more advanced ways to do it. We still look at the stars, but for fun more than anything else. We simply have a phone to tell us time.

A phone? What happened to the wrist watch?

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Are wrist watches also going to another relic from the past, like clock pendants?

Don’t bet on it.

Dubai Watch Week is making sure that this time-honoured tradition is here to stay.

 Make it on time

The five-day event started yesterday, November 15, 2017, and expects to gather key leaders in the horological industry.

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With this year’s theme of “United for Time,” the event aims to exhibit the history and technique of the watch making industry, through exhibitions, workshops, watch making master classes, forums and VIP gatherings at the DIFC and Dubai Mall.

This is where you can find the latest technologies, when it comes to watches. You also get the chance to try the watch you like, touch it, feel it and maybe own it.

We all wish to have more time on our hands, literally, but watches are a way for us to keep an eye on our lives.

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 Here are 7 reasons that will make you want to attend the Dubai Watch Week:

1. Productive time: No one can escape the passing of time. Activities when performed on time will be profitable.

2. Time earns us respect: The skills we develop in life take time and reflect the fact that we are not novices, but rather veterans at what we do.

3. Time heals: Time is important when healing from a bad experience.

4. Time remembers: A first date, a first job, a fun trip are imprinted in our minds and hearts.

5. Time keeping: It tracks important and critical historical events: the 1969 Apollo flight, or September 11 for example.

6. Time travels: Time is in motion for a mother about to give birth, a couple about to get married, a patient awaiting his medical results.

7. Time is change: It gives an opportunity to influence others.


Dana Halawi
By Dana Halawi
Senior Journalist
Dana Halawi has over seven years of experience in Journalism with articles published in multiple magazines and a newspaper in Lebanon. She specialized in Banking and Finance at the Lebanese American University and has a Master’s degree in International Affairs.