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Dubai’s art scene sees IEAA announce the 2014 shortlist

February 25, 2014 12:46 pm

This year IEAA has nominated 13 Emirati candidates for the final judging round of the Emerging Emirati Artist Award, a prestigious award dedicated to Emirati artists offering local talents a rare opportunity to be propelled onto the international art scene. This year, the prize comprises 2 years representation by European gallery Sabrina Amrani (Madrid, Spain) which includes a show at the gallery and the participation at international arts fairs and group shows.

Award director Rebia Naim states: “This is a unique opportunity for Emiratis to build their profile on the international art scene. Our partnership with Sabrina Amrani Gallery is the perfect choice for this 3rd award edition. Not only for their profound understanding of the Middle East region but also for their global approach of the art market and active participation in international art events. This is a chance for an Emirati to benefit from a major career development and international exposure.”

The 2014 International Award category attracted over 2,000 registrants from all over the world. An impressive line-up of 63 contemporary artists from all 5 continents with a variety of art specialties (video art, installation, drawing, photography, painting and mix media) are currently in the race for the IEAA grand prize.

“What makes this edition different from the previous ones is the uncovering of more experimental work using both unusual materials and innovative techniques. Showing such variety of work in the UAE provides the opportunity for the local art scene to be inspired and exposed to an international art education.” added Rebia Naim

The international jury panel is currently scoring the shortlisted applications and the final deliberation is scheduled for the 28th of February. Submitted projects are scored based on: concept, technical ability, coherence between the concept & artwork and general impression.

All shortlisted candidates will have their work broadcast on Ikono TV, a dedicated art channel based in Berlin covering 30 countries with an audience of 35 million viewers. The campaign will receive intensive support by Dubai based media partner Elevision Media who will be displaying the shortlisted artwork on its network of digital screens throughout Dubai, reaching 80,000 viewers a day.

“We are delighted that with this partnership we are able to support the arts community, specifically new and upcoming artists. By partnering with IEAA we are also able to achieve our mission of providing engaging content to our viewers.” says Niall Sallam, CEO Elevision.

The prize-presentation and unveiling of the winners’ work will take place Mid May (Date to be announced) on the 41st floor of the Media One Hotel.