Dubai’s BookMunch Café to expand GCC operations in 2014

February 12, 2014 6:31 am

Following the unprecedented success of BookMunch’s first cafe in the Safa Park area of Dubai, Lebanese business owner, publisher, and Dubai resident since 2006, Dareen Charafeddine, has outlined investor interest and her plans to expand the BookMunch Café franchise into Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, KSA and Qatar in the near future.

BookMunch was Dubai’s first dedicated literary café and opened in January 2013. Taking influence from the world’s best book cafes, this inspirational dining destination offers local residents and the creative communities a carefully considered space where they can experience fresh culinary concepts, great books, and weekly readings of selected works for both children and adults.

“BookMunch celebrated its first birthday this week, and we have been delighted with the public’s response to our unique dining and literary concept. The secret to our success has been the marriage of our scrumptious food and the relaxed environment, where the local community can meet, eat, read and socialise,” said Dareen Charafeddine.

“Our multilingual reading sessions for children, and seminars, reading sessions and literary networking events for adults are extremely well attended. The combination of our hospitality offering and community initiatives has created a very appealing business proposition, something that regional investors seem very interested in.”

With a seemingly insatiable requirement for family-friendly cultural destinations in the city and across the region, BookMunch plans to open a second cafe in Dubai in the coming months if the right location becomes available. After that, the focus will shift to the main commercial and residential centres in other Emirates, Doha, Kuwait and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“After a second Dubai outlet, we plan to open a café in the UAE’s federal and fast-emerging cultural centre, Abu Dhabi. I am excited about our expansion into the nations’ capital as there is a vibrant multi-cultural mix of people there that will greatly enjoy the food and creative community events that we offer.”


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