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DUBAL takes five awards in ASQ and 5th CII Symposium

November 27, 2013 12:07 pm

The spirit of excellence that drives the quest for innovation and continuous or breakthrough improvements at Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) has again been recognised by independent observers. This time, the recognition platform was the ASQ & 5th Continual Improvement & Innovation (CII) Symposium – a prestigious event organised by Dubai Quality Group (DQG) in November each year to celebrate World Quality Day – where DUBAL won two Gold awards, two Silver awards and one Bronze award.

Ten DUBAL case studies had been short-listed for Live Competition during the day of the symposium. After adjudication, five of DUBAL’s finalist case studies took the top honours in three categories, as follows:

1.KAIZEN Category:
a.Gold Award – For the project entitled “To reduce the cycle time of Re-homogenization process for billets”, from Product & Casting Operations.
b.Silver Award – For the project entitled “To Improve Gross Carbon Consumption in High Purity Aluminium Production”, from Smelter Operations.

2.Breakthrough Process Improvement Category:
a.Gold Award – For the project entitled “Reduction of Perfluorocarbon (PFC) Emissions at DUBAL Potlines”, from Smelter Operations.
b.Bronze Award – For the project entitled “Optimizing Lining Material inventory”, from Smelter Operations and Supply Chain, which entailed using Lean Six Sigma – DMAIC Methodology.

3.Innovation Category:
a.Silver Award – For the project entitled “Mobile Fire Extinguisher Trainer (MFET)” from HR&OE (Business Continuity Management, Asset Protection and Loss Prevention).

In addition, two of the DUBAL teams secured the first and second positions in the Live Quiz held during the event.

These awards are a fitting tribute for the way in which DUBAL continually strives towards enhancing the use of innovative, scientific, structured and data-driven methodologies for the continual and breakthrough improvements of its processes. The company re-engineered its team-based programme in 2009, to strengthen the corporate drive towards excellence in achieving company’s long-term goals and strategic objectives by providing a platform for employees to participate and successfully complete the value-added team-based projects at faster rate. This resulted in the High Performance Teams (“HPT”) programme, which encourages and recognizes the efforts of employees in identifying solutions or improvement opportunities and managing the implementation of the same through Lean Six Sigma, PDCA or any other internationally accepted scientific methodology. DUBAL has developed more than 160 employees on Lean, Six Sigma, Process Improvement, TRIZ and Quality Management concepts, which are now being utilised effectively for breakthrough process enhancements.

This year marked the third time that DUBAL has participated in the annual CII Symposium, previously winning a total of seven awards in the competition:
•In the 2011 event, DUBAL won the Silver Award in Breakthrough Improvement Category plus both the Silver and Bronze Awards in the KAIZEN Category.
•In the 2012 event, DUBAL won the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in the KAIZEN Category plus the Gold Award in the Breakthrough Process Improvement Category.

“These accolades demonstrate the commitment of our employees; as well as their dedication towards excellence. DUBAL invests significant efforts in building organizational capabilities to develop and involve employees in line with the best-in-class practices, leading to greater quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Employee involvement is a vital element of DUBAL’s Total Quality Management and we are very proud of our employees, whose active involvement plays a key role in DUBAL’s sustainability,” said Abdulla Kalban (President & Chief Executive Officer). “Indeed, we believe that team-work and involving our employees in the decision-making process at DUBAL is definitely our competitive advantage,” he added.

Sultan Al Sabri (Vice President: Human Resources & Organisational Effectiveness) added, “Team-based activities/projects nurture an organisation culture of creativity, business innovation and breakthrough developments that enhance DUBAL’s competitiveness through best-in-class products, services, technological developments, cost-reductions and effective risk management across various levels of the organisation.” “Team-work provides employees a platform to excel at improvements and developments while establishing ownership of these enhancements among stakeholders,” Al Sabri said. “In this way, team-based projects also ensure continual and consistent business innovation by involving stakeholders,” Al Sabri