DuBiotech and EnPark holds inaugural Internship Career Fair

May 8, 2014 9:41 am

DuBiotech and EnPark, part of TECOM Investments, held the inaugural Internship Career Fair, bringing together students and some of the leading industry players for a chance to understand more about each sector and the range of jobs within them. There was also the chance for students to secure an internship with premier companies to begin their careers in the most positive way.

A recent Workforce Planning Study by DIAC in conjunction with Deloitte examined whether the UAE’s education programmes serve the needs of the industry found an increase in demand for skills associated with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

The study of over 2,400 students across 17 MENA markets reported that healthcare spending is expected to double between 2010 and 2015 across the region as a result of the increasing incidence of chronic lifestyle diseases, an increase in government budget allocation and mandatory insurance usage. These factors have created an increase in demand for specialised skills, such as medical and laboratory technology, especially at entry and middle levels. Today’s career fair was designed by DuBiotech and EnPark to address these issues for the benefit of our economy in providing these vital skills.

Over 350 students attended the Internship Career Fair with 20 companies providing guidance and advice on career opportunities and alternatives available to students. These companies including; Eastern Biotech, Pfizer, MEMBS, Hits, International Flavors & Fragrances, Firmenich, Amgen, Mundi Pharma, Bristol-Myers Squibb, DubaiOmics, Alexion and Petra Solar.

Marwan Abdulaziz, Executive Director of DuBiotech and EnPark, said, “Today’s Internship Career Fair is designed to empower students and graduates to take charge of their own future, and contributing to Dubai’s vision of a knowledge-based economy. I see our role at DuBiotech & EnPark as a bridge between the private sector, academia and government to make the most of all the positive synergies this combination can facilitate. By demonstrating to students the opportunities Dubai has for a career in the science sectors, we will boost retention of skilled graduates therefore reduce the brain-drain effect of their choosing options abroad. In addition, we are providing our business partners with the opportunity to hire bright and ambitious students who may bring real benefits to their organisations as they continue their career.”

Barry Fern, Laboratory Manager of Firmenich, an international producer of perfumery and flavour chemicals, said, “We as a company grow through our people. We want the best employees we can get, and through opportunities like the Internship Career Fair organised by DuBiotech and EnPark, we are able to do so. It is a window to a career if you like, by assessing the talent coming through, and taking students on for internships at these type of fairs, if they excel, develop and grow within the business, then the business grows too. You’re going to get the enthusiastic and committed students coming to events this, and that gives them a head start in the search for a career.”

Mariam Abdulqader, Head of Quality and Information Management of DubaiOmics, said, “We are excited as this career fair is geared towards science students. We are looking for talent, and this is the perfect way to assess the calibre of students out there. Usually when we recruit, it is mostly based on personality, enthusiasm, and the desire to work in biotechnology and science. Not only that, but we are focused on recruiting locally, we feel that to make any industry work, the people need to be invested and committed to the country that they live in. If you’re here, and want to contribute and give back, you need to source your talent locally. We have recruited nearly all of our staff from Dubai, many from the universities attending today, and this is because we believe in investing in the country.”

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