DuBois et fils: Oldest watch factory in Switzerland is breaking new ground

June 9, 2014 2:14 pm

The Swiss watch manufacturer Philippe DuBois & Fils SA offers more than 225 years of history – and has been continuously producing watches ever since its founding.

A history rich in tradition
The DuBois family were originally fabric traders. In 1743 did Moïse DuBois started to trade in pocket watches and in 1751 he built his own pocket watch factory in Le Locle, the heart of the Swiss watch industry and home town of many important watch brands. In 1760 Moïse handed the company over to his son Philippe DuBois. He followed the strategy of his father and focused more and more on the watch business. In 1785, when his three sons joined the company, they renamed it Philippe DuBois & Fils. With the help of his three sons the company grew fast, and they earned a reputation in the production of pocket watches. This meant that even famous people, such as the King of Prussia, was in possession of a DuBois et fils watch. In 1804 Philippe DuBois & Fils sold the first DuBois et fils pocket watches to America.

Innovative into the future
In 2010 Thomas Steinemann – a dedicated watch manager and collector – become the new owner of Philippe DuBois & Fils SA. With its innovative way of raising capital by crowd funding through its own website, the company causes 2013 international major sensation. Almost 600 people from 22 different countries subscribe to shares of DuBois et fils and have thus enabled the successful relaunch of the brand. Philippe DuBois & Fils is the first company in the luxury segment, which has dared to go about such a project. The mechanical watches made by DuBois et fils are following the tradition of high-quality Swiss watchmaking. The watches are limited to a maximum of 99 timepieces per series, making them a rare luxury product and a unique piece of jewelry.

For a short time, the Swiss heritage brand is now offering the option of purchasing shares to investors for Middle Eastern countries. More information can be found on the homepage of DuBois et fils (www.duboisfils.ch).

Philippe DuBois & Fils SA (www.duboisfils.ch) was founded in 1785 and is Switzerland’s oldest maker of watches. 2013 a new collection of high-quality wristwatches with a very limited edition is produced – financed by a unique crowd funding project. Almost 600 watch enthusiasts from 22 countries took advantage of the unique opportunity to become part of the new history of DuBois et fils. A professional team surrounding CEO Thomas Steinemann continues the tradition of DuBois et fils with great innovation.