Dulsco emphasizes on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standards

April 28, 2014 11:51 am

Dulsco, a regional leader in human resource solutions and waste management services, had organised its 12th annual QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) Week recently. The QHSE Week addressed more than 7,000 employees of the 79-year-old company and simultaneously took place across all company locations in the UAE and Qatar. A week of engaging activities such as competitions, campaigns, seminars among other initiatives were organised for the employees during the QHSE Week 2014. Several government organisations supported the event.

For holding the most stringent QHSE standards, Dulsco has been lauded over time as employees are being trained regularly on the most advanced international practices. It is mandatory that all team members have a thorough knowledge of workplace safety norms and procedures and the company’s QHSE programme helps the employees through its ongoing activity at the QHSE Week. The activity has mirrored the life and times of the company, employees, customers and other associates during the past few years since Dulsco started with the QHSE Week. With the advent of the QHSE Week, the company has entered a new chapter in continual employee engagement and welfare process.

“DULSCO recognizes the importance of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment and constantly strives to – Protect the health and safety of our employees at all times and in all circumstances; Protect the environment in which we work and live,” Johnson Alexander, Director of Human Resources and QHSE. “Dulsco as a responsible and conscientious company is driven by a shared ambition to satisfy our own and our customers’ needs in quality, reliability and safety.”

He added that the campaign is an exemplary example where companies and employees worked in tandem to create a safe environment at the workplace. “We are a committed employer with a greater responsibility towards the safety of our staff and the local communities we work with,” explained Johnson.

Through interactive sessions held during the QHSE Week, Dulsco employees were imparted awareness and training in all aspects of workplace safety – from safety in confined space, identification of possible hazards, defensive safe driving practices for drivers, health and hygiene awareness, safety evacuation for workers, fire drills, site cleaning and housekeeping practices.

The sessions were accompanied by quiz competitions, educational movies, fire fighting competition, blood donation campaign and much more. Other notable activity drives included self-hypnosis and relaxation for stress management, tree plantation, photography competition, ethics training, behavioural safety training, fitness at work, etc. which struck a chord with the employees.

Towards the end of the QHSE Week, employees were recognised for their contribution and constructive suggestions in ensuring that world-class safety procedures are implemented in their day-to-day duties.
Dulsco is a limited liability company and expanded its services to include all the emirates and neighbouring Gulf countries and today is one of the foremost HR Solutions provider and recruitment agencies apart from being a top notch Waste Management Service provider in Dubai. Dulsco was acknowledged as one of the Top 15 Companies to Work For by the Great Places To Work For Institute, a global research and management consultancy, after reviewing the confidential feedback received from their employees and an independent audit of their human resource practices.

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