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Dulsco’s luxury chauffeur class driver division grows by 600% in 4 years

August 26, 2014 1:29 pm

Dulsco, a regional leader in human resource solutions and waste management services, has announced that the company has grown its strength of luxury chauffeur car drivers by approximately 600 per cent in 4 years. The company started this niche service in 2010 by adding 10 chauffeur class drivers to its pool of 307 drivers. Since then, both the drivers division and the chauffeur class drivers segment have witnessed significant growth. Today, Dulsco has more than 630 drivers with almost 70 of it being trained chauffeur class drivers.

These chauffeur drivers are well trained in driving a fleet of luxury cars such as – Mercedes, Maserati, Porsche, BMW, Lexus, Land Cruiser, Range Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Rolls Royce, Jeep and Dodge cars. The company’s chauffeur driver services are typically used by leading event organizers and car rental companies. Depending upon the requirement Dulsco usually provides approximately 10-140 drivers to cater to the needs of the client at any given point in time.

As an on-going requirement, Dulsco is providing over 70 chauffeur drivers to car rental companies on a daily basis. Some drivers are also assigned to CEO’s and higher management of different organisations. Dulsco arranges chauffeur drivers for an array of events which include sports events, film awards, art and cultural events, airport transfers, valet parking and VIP weddings.

“We deploy well groomed and knowledgeable chauffeurs to our clients across UAE. The major events need agile, efficient and refined transportation solutions for their guests, including VIPs from one destination to another ensuring that the transit is smooth. Defensive driving to ensure safety, English speaking classes for improved communication, behaviour training for etiquettes, hygiene, discipline, computer courses, training on using navigation systems are some of the training imparted to the drivers. This makes our chauffeur drivers stand out from the rest. We are one of the premium services providers in this category and we aim to grow this further with the upcoming Expo 2020. We take pride in having the best and safest chauffeurs in the business,” said Prakash Parab, Director, HR solutions.

Dulsco has provided its chauffeurs to high profile events such as – the JAZZ festivals and other concerts, Formula 1 events, men’s and ladies golf events across UAE and art gallery visits. The company has also provided its chauffeurs to the Polo events, Royal weddings, World Sports Awards and several other prestigious UAE Government events.

Dulsco is a limited liability company and expanded its services to include all the Emirates and neighbouring Gulf countries and today is one of the foremost HR Solutions provider and recruitment agencies apart from being a top notch Waste Management Service provider in Dubai. Dulsco was acknowledged as one of the ‘Top 15 Companies to Work For’ by the – Great Places To Work For Institute, a global research and management consultancy, after reviewing the confidential feedback received from their employees and an independent audit of their human resource practices.

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