Educators Recognized for Excellence bring joy to hearts of Orphans in Ramadan Activity

July 26, 2014 3:12 pm

In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, teachers and school principals who have previously won the recognition of the Association of Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education (QRAE) organised entertainment activities and group iftars for orphans and students from underprivileged areas, demonstrating their pivotal role in the local community.

Believing in their role as ambassadors of the award and as community leaders inside and outside the classroom, the educators took the initiative and organised three main activities in the northern, central and southern regions of the Kingdom.

The activities-held in Irbid, Amman and Karak-included iftar meals and the distribution of gifts to over 350 children. The educators also supervised various entertainment activities organised for the children’s enjoyment.

Pointing to the important role of educators in serving their communities, the distinguished teachers and principals who helped organise these initiative said winning the (QRAE) honours has turned them into ambassadors for excellence and given them an extra push to work together to organise such activities in cooperation with the local community.

“Winning this prestigious award adds to our responsibilities and encourages us to take the initiative. We work together as a team, providing assistance and aid packages for orphans, including Eid clothes, toys and gifts,” said Ms. Aitidal Radaideh, the principal of the Queen Rania Al Abdullah School.

Ms. Radaideh works at the school with two teachers who have previously won the excellence award for their leading role at school and within the community, and with a group of distinguished teachers from the central region.

“The goal of this initiative is to build a lasting partnership with the local community, and encourage social solidarity and other important values that we should instil among students and orphan children,” she added.

Her colleague, teacher Ms. Amal Oatat, who has won the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Distinguished Teacher, highlighted the importance of the award in lending credence to winning educators, helping them win over the community’s support as they serve underprivileged people.

“Winning the award earned us the faith of the community, which has given us the incentive to launch several initiatives,” said distinguished teacher Ms. Khawlah Al Atram.

In Karak, the initiative was held under the slogan “Spread the joy among orphans” with the aim of consolidating solidarity with orphans and celebrating the blessed month with them, according to distinguished teacher Ms. Lisa Abu Diab Makkawi, in addition to other distinguished teachers from the southern region.

“Winning the award gives teachers the opportunity to suggest new ideas, such as giving extra lessons to improve the academic performance of orphans.” Ms. Makkawi added.

“Winning this award sheds some light on distinguished teachers and serves the local community through the various activities the winners organise,” she said.

The Karak iftar included various activities, such as face painting, religious and cultural competitions and an activity titled “Abber” or “Express yourself”, which enables the orphans to speak for themselves.

In Irbid, teacher Ms. Khitam Saleh said this initiative adds to what distinguished educators have to offer to the local community and enhances human values and a sense of social solidarity.

“Teachers’ role is not limited to the classroom. They have many parts to play in the best interest of their local communities,” Ms. Saleh said.

“By offering iftar to orphans we bring joy to their hearts. The event also included competitions, various entertainment activities and performing tarawih prayers with the group,” Ms. Saleh added, saying “the award has given us many opportunities to lead initiatives and build our relationship with the local community”.