Emarat organizes training courses for its service stations and Shamil employees on emergencies and fires

March 1, 2014 11:32 am

The Retail Sales Department and Vehicles Testing and Registration Services “Shamil”, in Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emarat” organized two training courses for its employees. The courses, which were held at Emarat’s gas operations department in Al Sajaa at Sharjah, addressed the issue of dealing with emergencies, especially fire control.

Mr. Abdullah Hassan Al Noman, Manager, Retail Sales Operations in Emarat, said that safety and security are two of Emarat’s main priorities, as they are very crucial to lives, the environment and the public and private facilities and properties.

Mr. Al Noman also said that all the employees at the service stations and other facilities undertake regular training, especially those concerning different emergencies in general, and fires in specific.

He added that the training course was designed to enhance the capabilities of the employees in the service stations, and to improve their level of dealing with emergencies, especially fires. The training also aimed at treating any inadequacies that might arise during the training, in order to ensure the efficiency of the equipment used.

Mr. Al Noman further said that the course was held under the supervision of a committee that monitored, recorded and photographed all the phases of the training, and was satisfied with the employees’ readiness and capability of dealing with such incidents in accordance with the specified procedures.

Mr. Abdulraoof Abdul Aziz, Manager, Dealer Sales Operations and Acting Manager Vehicle Testing at Emarat, praised the level of the course and its execution, while stressing on its importance in enhancing the employees’ capabilities and skills in dealing with emergencies, especially fires, in a sound and safe manner. Such measures are expected to decrease incidents and save lives and property. Mr. Abdul Aziz also said that such courses will be held on a regular basis.


Khawla Al Falasi
Corporate Communications Assistant
Emirates General Petroleum Corporation – Emarat
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