Emarat participates in the Global No Smoking Day

May 29, 2014 10:29 am

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emarat” will participate in the Global No Smoking Day, on May 31st, 2014, on which Emarat shall cease selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in its various stores and shall launch an awareness campaign in its service stations.

Mr. Hussain Kazim, Manager Corporate Communications at Emarat, said that Emarat’s participation in this campaign comes within the frame of its commitment to fight smoking which is considered one of the most dangerous blights of our times. Scientific studies showed that smoking kills four million people in the world annually. Moreover, its dangers do not affect only the smoker, but also his surrounding environment and the community in which he lives, which renders smoking an unhealthy and uncivilized behavior.

Emarat, through its participation in this anti smoking movement, called for taking measures against smoking and fighting it with all the possible means until it is completely removed from our society. Emarat also called for helping smokers quit.

The Corporation launched its campaign in all its service stations with the aims to raise health awareness within the community regarding the dangers and negative effects of smoking on life, health, and the environment.