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Emarat trains 253 employees at the Service Station and Shamil on First Aid skills

June 22, 2014 12:48 pm

The Retail Sales Department of Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emarat” organized a training course on the basics and principles of applying First Aid. A total of 253 employees from the service stations and Shamil vehicle testing and registration centers were trained during the course.

Mr. Hussain Kazim, Manager Corporate Communications at Emarat, said “The Corporation takes pride in the diversity of the training programs that it has developed in-house. It is our constant aim to enhance the skill set of our employees and provide them the necessary training and the tools to deal with an emergency situation in a professional and planned manner if the situation calls for it. Even though First Aid is considered a temporary resolve to any medical situation, the first few minutes during a critical situation could help save a person’s life.”

He added that “We believe that imparting knowledge to our employees develops their overall love for their jobs and the work environment. Our people have enjoyed and applauded the variety of skills that they have developed through training. The First Aid course at Emarat is considered to be of great importance and we regularly organize the First Aid Training courses to make sure that we are geared up for any mishap and our staff know how to deal with it.”

Mr Hussain said “The training course includes scientific lectures, video presentations which demonstrate the methods of helping injured people and a practical application simulating a real life situation in order to have the employees role play the actual scenario.”