Emirati Company Wrapt announces new franchise in Bahrain

June 30, 2014 1:33 pm

Wrapt, a home-grown Emirati company specializing in customised premium gift wrapping, announced today the setting up of its franchise in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since opening its first retail store in Dubai in 2009, the company has expanded rapidly to establish total of 11 stores across all six GCC countries.

The agreement to set up the franchise was signed between Aysha Al Meheeri, Founder and CEO, Wrapt and Mohammed Al Tattan, Chairman, Stationary 77, on 25 June in Dubai.

Aysha Al Meheeri, said: “The expansion is a reflection of the positive response to our business proposition and reaffirms Wrapt’s position as the market leader in wrapping, corporate gifts and packaging solutions. We are excited about the Bahrain market as it holds immense potential for our products and services.”

“I am happy with what we have achieved in such a short period of time and we will continue to infuse creativity and fun in the art of gift giving. Wrapt will soon be launching new segments of its operations, designed particularly for the Middle East market. After consolidating our position in the region we will be also be looking at growth opportunities in the wider global market.”

The opening of the new store in Bahrain under Stationary 77 umbrella will further drive Wrapt’s net profit, which have grown by 140 per cent year on year.

Wrapt is the premier provider of gift-wrapping and packaging services with wide range of printed paper designs and accessories all designed and created exclusively for its stores. Wrapt has contracts with 100 factories in 17 countries to manufacture boxes, paper, beads, crystals, fabric, tissues and ribbons as well as retail items such as corporate gifts.