ESOL/UAS Green Club celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB)

May 24, 2014 9:49 am

Celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) on May 22nd 2014, UAS/Green Club at The Universal American School chose to plant three Ficus baby trees. Ficus is a wide-spreading evergreen tree with curtains of aerial roots, shiny grey-green and white-splashed leaves that does extremely well in the UAE heat.

This planting shared the vision of the Green Wave activities and ENO Treelympics 2014 happening across the globe on 22nd May because it’s a special day for all life on Earth. Every year, people all around the world celebrate biodiversity on what’s called the “International Day for Biological Diversity” or IDB for short. The main purpose of the day is to raise awareness and understanding of biodiversity issues. Both the programs gather schools to participate and plant trees in their communities as trees play a vital role in rural and urban populations. They are needed to enrich and anchor soil, to maximize water supplies, to beautify and humanise townships and urban areas and to provide shade and shelter. They are also crucial for biodiversity conservation. Products and services from trees include food, timber, fibre, medicines and energy. The impact of planting trees is one of the ways of offsetting our carbon emissions.

Present at the activity Dr. Daryle Russell, Director UAS complimented the efforts taken by Dr. Nasrin S. Abushakra Ph.D. in bringing this ‘Green’ vision to reality and Mr. Jakob Elmquist for assisting to gain momentum as the school firmly moves ahead with ambitious plans to become a “test site” by investing on innovative green towers and aquaponics kit to educate the young minds. Simran Vedvyas, a grade 10 student, a passionate environmentalist, Global Youth Board Member Plant-for-the-Planet, Paryavaranmitra Leader for Change and recently awarded with Youth Environmental Conservation Award by John Muir Association USA feels excited and happy with the advantages that learning and engaging opportunities will bring in for the students at UAS to understand natural and organic sustainable production, as part of the holistic environmental education experience planned and put in action now.