ETA to implement smart solutions in UAE

March 17, 2015 11:51 am

Dr. Hayan Sayed, CEO, ETA Facilities Management.

ETA Facilities Management, a facilities management (FM) company, announced that it is implementing smart solutions in its key business areas in the UAE, especially in its Workforce Management (WFM) and logistics operations.

The strategic move is a key addition to the UAE’s smart urban infrastructure initiatives in line with the country’s ongoing smart transformation efforts. It will also help further reinforce the country’s status as a key market for integrated FM services. This is in light of the growing local real estate industry buoyed by preparations for World Expo 2020.

Smart solutions bring FM services to a new level of excellence, paving the way for smart building management. The solutions provide seamless monitoring of operations using advanced technologies such as the monitoring of the total distance travelled by lift, excessive vibration of cooling fans, and monitoring of heat water and air flows. Smart logistics is also gaining momentum especially in providing soft FM services such as cleaning and gardening. Smart logistics is an effective and cost-efficient tool in managing design as well as planning and controlling supply chain processes.

State-of-the-art sensors are one example of smart solutions that have been proven to be highly effective in FM and asset conservation. For example, they can monitor the buildings’ occupancy rates, providing essential information to show their impact on overall maintenance costs and asset lifespan. Through the adoption of an advanced technology, unnecessary delivery of services and expenses can be reduced and the rate of breakdowns can be decreased. This can be done by easily gathering and processing data for appropriate trend analyzing and modeling.

Dr. Hayan Sayed, CEO, ETA Facilities Management, said: “Smart building management now requires adoption of smarter logistics for enhanced and efficient FM services. It is a key factor in addressing challenges related to logistics planning, productivity, costs, and compliance with international laws and regulations. It is important to leverage smart WFM solutions to enable FM managers to ensure optimal use of human resources at reduced costs. These solutions are poised to make a positive impact on the overall performance and quality of services of any FM company.”

Sayed said smart FM solutions are helping drive the UAE industry, which is projected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 9.9 per cent. He added: “Smart solutions have significantly enhanced the efficiency of FM services, providing high-level benefits including optimal use of available resources, lower operational costs, improved sustainability, reduced environmental footprint, more profitability and better customer satisfaction.”

“ETA early on recognized the need to keep pace with smart transformation, prompting us to successfully integrate smart solutions into our operations. With 17,000 employees, the company adopted smart logistics by implementing an advanced system to manage its fleet of vehicles used to transport its cleaners, engineers, gardeners, pest control technicians, and others to their work sites on a daily basis. The system also provides information for more cost-effective and better use of our fleet. We are committed to adopting an integrated smart approach, particularly smart logistics services such as Smarter Logistics Organization, Smarter People Logistics, Smarter Materials Logistics and Smarter Logistics Technology,” Sayed concluded.

As part of its commitment to drive better growth across the local and regional FM sector, ETA Facilities Management revealed that it is the Smart FM – Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming FM EXPO 2015 in May in Dubai. ETA has extended its strategic support to the only dedicated facility management exhibition in the Middle East to demonstrate its commitment to promote smart solutions in the region. Smart solutions are crucial to address the growing demand for FM services that use advanced technologies and comply with the highest standards of environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.


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