Etihad Modern Arts Gallery celebrates the holy month of Ramadan with an Art Souq

June 30, 2014 11:05 am

Etihad modern Art Gallery celebrates the Holy month of Ramadan with Art Souq 2014, a special collective exhibition of affordable art, opening Wednesday July 2nd, the concept came in an effort from Etihad Modern Art Gallery to be part of the cultural activities planned in Abu Dhabi during the summer and especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

Marking the end of a very successful season at the gallery, Etihad Modern Art Gallery, open the doors of the gallery to the public, showcasing a carefully selected, diverse collection of work from various artists, available at prices that are within the reach of all art lovers. In the context of all-embracing spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, the gallery seizes the opportunity to bring contemporary art closer to the community.

“As mentioned before, myself and the team at the gallery are always eager to promote art as part of our local society. With this event we would like to spread the message that art is not just for a private circle of collectors and connoisseurs: Art is for everyone, present in every aspect of life, be it social, cultural, or educational ” commented Khaled Seddiq Al Mutawaa, Founder of the Gallery.

Following last year’s great success of Islamic Art Exhibition during the holy month of Ramadan, Etihad Modern Art Gallery is now endeavouring to shed light on the emerging modern art scene of Abu Dhabi. A wide spectrum of different art media, forms and styles will be represented in this year’s event. The visitor will find contemporary sculptures, photorealistic oil paintings, fine art photography prints, mixed media pieces, healing art creations, and much more.

The gallery team carefully curated work by resident and invited artists, local and international, well established signatures and promising talents, creating an new exciting art landscape for the visitor to experience. “We are committed to honour the trust that the public has showed us since we opened, by consistently selecting and showcasing exciting work at the highest possible standard “, added Khaled Seddiq Al Mutawaa.”Through Art Souq 2014 we would like to convey the idea of developing heritage, with classical forms of art as its foundation. It gives me great pleasure to be able to bring together so many of the regions distinguished artists under one roof, during this Holy Month.” Al Mutawaa concluded.

The exhibition will include works from well established artists such as Khulood Al Jabri, Mu’tasim Al Kubaisi, Yiannis Roussakis and Khaled Najjad among many others. A figure in healing art in UAE, acclaimed painter Wilma Burton, will exhibit work for the first time in the gallery.

Also, Etihad Modern Art Gallery team promised a unique and unexpected guest at opening night, a newcomer to the city, but will not reveal any details…

Art Souq 2014 opening night is on Wednesday July 7th at 9.00 pm. The event will continue until Thursday July 31st.
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