Eton Institute supports UAE students in national academic competition

May 22, 2014 9:22 am

The 9th IEEE UAE Student Day took place at the Ajman University of Science & Technology last week, gathering computer science and engineering students from across the UAE.

Eton Institute, the UAE’s largest language and professional development training centre, provided valuable support to one of the competing teams, as part of its ongoing commitment to community projects.

Ismael Aideed and Noor Fahhr, two students from the Electrical Engineering Department of Ajman University, undertook training with Eton Institute to create an innovative computer-based project capable of translating spoken words into American Sign Language. The students developed this project with the help of Eton Institute’s ASL instructor, Colette Abi Rached.

“The training was very helpful. Our instructor, Mrs Abi Rached, delivered lectures on the basics of American Sign Language, which really helped to develop our project,” commented Ismael. “The training fit in perfectly with our work plan, and we thoroughly enjoyed it,” added Noor Fahhr.

A total of 74 teams from 12 national universities entered the competition and presented their innovative projects. The team of Ismael Aideed and Noor Fahhr arrived third and won one of the top prizes.

“It was a great pleasure to contribute to this project. It is a wonderful invention for non-ASL speakers, as they can easily learn basic sign language through an app. It will also help raise awareness about this language that is often not sufficiently recognised,” commented Colette Abi Rached.

Eton Institute proudly supported the annual UAE Student Day, the company’s strong commitment to community initiatives aligning to IEEE’s vision of encouraging the younger generation to bring innovative ideas to life and promote the advancement of technology, in favour of humanity.

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