Eton Institute welcoms ‘El Correo’ to the UAE

April 3, 2014 4:43 pm

The UAE has always been considered to be a melting pot of cultures, and this vibrant country welcomes cultural diversity with open arms. It provides its residents with endless access to a host of nationalities, demonstrated through the range of initiatives undertaken for promoting communication and connecting minds.

Eton Institute warmly welcomes ‘El Correo’ to the UAE, the first Spanish Newspaper to be produced regionally. ‘El Correo’, the UAE’s very own Spanish newspaper, is perfect for native Spanish speakers and also good news for those wishing to improve their language skills by having the opportunity to access relevant and everyday information in this vibrant language.

“‘El Correo’ is one of the most popular newspapers in Spain and the launch of this newspaper in the UAE is extremely exciting news for our instructors as well as students, especially those who are taking Spanish courses with us. Such initiatives remind us that diversity is quintessential in the growth of any economy and cultural awareness and effective communication are the catalysts of true innovation,” commented Romina Mahtani, Operations Director at Eton Institute.

The Spanish newspaper is a refreshing addition to the rich cultural heritage of the country and will further help promote the Spanish culture within the society.

For additional information please contact:
Moaz Khan
Marketing Director
Eton Institute
Tel: +97144386818