Eton Institute’s free Ramadan App, complete guide to Ramadan

June 25, 2014 11:41 am

Access all the necessary information about Ramadan at the tip of your fingers with Eton Institute’s Ramadan App.

The Ramadan App by Eton Institute is a mobile application filled with relevant information to guide both local and expat communities through Ramadan.

The app contains essential information for those observing the fast, with features such as Prayer and Iftar timings, Qibla direction, a Mosque locator and healthy tips to consider while fasting. For people who are experiencing Ramadan for the first time in the Middle East, this resourceful app also includes practical information, such as cultural tips, daily Arabic phrases, glossary of terms and the do’s and don’ts specific to Ramadan.

“As a company founded and headquartered in the UAE, the Eton Institute Ramadan App is our way of giving back to the community during this very special time and supporting the vision of connecting minds and building cultural bridges,” commented Hana Fuchs, Marketing Director at Eton Institute.

Ramadan is also known as the month of giving and sharing. As part of Eton Institute’s Summer For Change campaign, the Ramadan App allows users to learn more about this initiative, which includes local charitable activities and online donations to three international organisations.

For more information about Ramadan and the Summer For Change initiative, download the app for free on the iTunes store.

Eton Institute also offers phrasebook apps in over 40 different languages, visit for more details.

For more info please contact:
Hana Fuchs
Tel: +97144386817