Eton Institute’s students, staff and partners united to bring local charitable organizations into the spotlight

June 26, 2014 11:00 am

Eton Institute’s “Summer For Change” campaign aims to raise awareness of all the phenomenal work that is being done around the world by people and companies, making it a better place to live for everyone.

“Change starts with just one individual and we are truly humbled by the number of people from our community, whether staff, students or companies, who have raised their hand this month to say, “Help me make a difference,” stated HanaFuchs, Marketing Director at Eton Institute.

“In June, we raised our hands together to support three organizations for the tireless work they do to educate children and make their lives richer. We are thrilled with the outcome of the initiatives for June and cannot thank our community enough,” Ms Fuchs added.

Staff and volunteers from Eton Institute had the privilege to visit Al Noor Center and Latifa Hospital in Dubai and the Special Care Center in Abu Dhabi, where they hosted educational activities for the children and delivered gifts. Over 200 toys were generously donated by The Toy Store and Eton Institute students to bring smiles to little ones.

Eton Institute is still accepting donations for Save the Children as part of its June initiative.