EuroMed Polyclinic raises awareness on men’s health

June 17, 2014 8:27 am

Instead of giving your father another tie or a book – take him to EuroMed Polyclinic for a free check up. Chances are, whether it be your father, husband, uncle, nephew or son, he’s hasn’t seen his doctor in over a year. In fact, fewer than one in five men said they would seek immediate medical care if they were sick or in pain, not otherwise.

“We are very proud to lead the way in educating and raising awareness on Men’s Health. This is a step forward in recognizing the importance of improving the health and well-being of men and boys; when we raise healthier boys who turn into healthy adults, families in our communities become stronger as well,” said Mr. Misbah Ahmad, Chairman, EuroMed Polyclinic.

EuroMed Polyclinic is inviting all male – Boy’s and adults to take advantage of this and get free checks ups from their urologist and physiotherapist – if not for their own sake, then out of love and care for their families.

“Having worked as a Urologist for over 27 years with a practice based on treating men with a variety of urinary cancers, urinary stones, prostate problems, and erectile dysfunction, I can assure you that a visit to a physician is for many men almost an eye opening experience,” said Dr. Amin Kelani, Specialist Urologist at EuroMed Polyclinic.

“Pride and fear keep them silent about their health issues until they are suddenly faced with a life-threatening problem. Men’s Health education based upon a combination of a healthier life-style related to diet and exercise as well as regular physician visits and preventative treatments will be the secret to effecting major changes in men’s quality of life and long term survival. We encourage all men and the families that care for them to visit their family physician and begin to set up such a positive health program,” he added.

“Health is one of the most important things we possess, and unfortunately we are most reminded of it when we get sick,” Dr. Lali Pataridze, Medical Director of EuroMed Polyclinic said. “I urge men to go and get themselves checked. Developing a healthy lifestyle and being detected early will reduce mortality rates, and by improving the health and well-being of men in our communities, we can build stronger and happier families,” Dr. Lali added.

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