Experts in the UAE encourage women to take charge of their birth process

March 31, 2014 11:04 am

HE Engineer Eisa Al Haj Al Maidoor, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority opened the 6th Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Conference today at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event continues on 31 March – 1 April and will attract 1,500 healthcare professionals working in the obstetrics and gynaecological fields in the Middle East. Mariam Al Gobari, Senior Midwife, Al Ain Cromwell Hospital, UAE, spoke at the Midwifery Conference this morning about the importance of encouraging women in the UAE to take charge of their birthing process and to clarify any misconceptions that remain about the obstetrician or midwife making decisions on behalf of the mother.

A birthing plan, constructed in collaboration with the mother to be, the obstetrician and the midwife, should be put in place early on in the pregnancy and all factors regarding the mother and baby’s health and mother’s physical and emotional well-being should be taken into consideration.

“All women in labour should be in control of and involved in the birth process, and the way in which care is given is key to being in control. To facilitate this, healthcare professionals and other caregivers should establish a rapport with the woman in labour, finding out her expectations for labour, being aware of the importance of tone and demeanour, and of the actual words used during the process and so forth. This information should be used to support and guide her through labour,” says Ms Al Gobari.

In case of an emergency, clinical intervention should be administered; otherwise the birthing plan should be followed as per the mother’s wishes. A midwife will be able to assist the mother and coach her on the various birthing positions that will both ease labour pain and enable her to have a simple, safe delivery.

According to Ms Al Gobari, “There’s no one optimum position for labour, in fact, most women end up changing positions frequently during labour; they must let their bodies be their guides. The various positions consist of standing, walking, laying on the side, utilizing an exercise ball, resting on hands and knees, and sitting in a backwards position.

“A midwife should always be there to support and guide the mother, but also should be responsive to her requests. A midwife should deliver one-on-one care to a woman in established labour as this will make it less likely for her to have a Caesarean Section or instrumental birth, and therefore she will be more satisfied and have a more positive experience of birth.”

Organised by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, the Obs-Gyne Exhibition & Congress is the largest gathering of obstetricians and gynaecologists in the Middle East. The endeavour aims to keep women’s health professionals, both in the UAE and the region, updated on the latest technologies and medical advancements in the field. The exhibition showcases more than 54 exhibiting companies from 20 countries including industry giants such Roche, American Hospital Dubai, and Bayer Healthcare. The exhibition is free-to-attend for all healthcare trade professionals.

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