Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute hosts experts from Canadian Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

April 14, 2014 3:51 pm

Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) thosted a team of experts from the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Canada, the largest freestanding rehabilitation hospital in Canada, as part of a long-term partnership between the two institutions in which Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital has started providing ongoing support and consultation to FSRI’s newly launched Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC).

CERC is not-for-profit and is located at FSRI’s premises in Hawalli, Kuwait. CERC provides multidisciplinary and complementary rehabilitation treatments for children with cognitive and physical disabilities in order to improve their quality of life.

As part of the partnership, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital will provide CERC with consultation and support in following the best practices for the care of children, in the strategic and clinical development of programs through regular consultations and practice partnerships, as well as in the implementation of new programs during the year.

FSRI President and Medical Director, Dr. Elham Al Hamdan, said, “Our goal is to provide the best treatment for children with special needs here in Kuwait. Our clinical team is highly experienced in offering a comprehensive and integrated treatment plan specifically meeting the needs of growing children. In addition to the evaluation program which enables us to determine the needs and formulate the best treatment plan for a child, CERC’s rehabilitation programs now include speech therapy, pediatric physiotherapy, psychology, and occupational therapy. As part of these programs, we will also be able to help parents who suspect that their child has a developmental delay through a comprehensive assessment that meets international standards.”

The establishment of CERC aims to build an interdisciplinary care center where practitioners set a treatment plan that combines the programs needed by each child and collaborate on the progress of the child, in a unique setting that builds more capacity and broadens access to treatment in Kuwait for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

CERC is a not-for-profit organization and provides affordable treatments that cater to all segments of society, and even helps families who cannot afford care. CERC fee structure is affordable to the average family in Kuwait, and funds some of the treatments for children through the support of various community entities and donors, as well as through its annual RunQ8 charity marathon. CERC also treats referrals from Bayt Abdullah Hospice for terminally ill children without fees.

Dr. Elham added, “By providing children with disabilities a multidisciplinary care program in Kuwait, we empower them to engage with their family at home and friends in school, which in turn helps them build foundations for a bright future and a higher quality of life.”

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