FINE celebrates Labor Day with its employees

May 19, 2014 3:44 pm

In efforts to maintain strong relations with its employees, FINE Hygienic Paper Company, part of Nuqul Group, has planned a full day event at the Dead Sea for its employees to commemorate Labor Day.

Organized by FINE’s Board of Employees, the event was filled with outdoor activities including games, a live DJ performance and a delightful lunch gathering for all, where employees gathered at the Dead Sea on a day under the sun.

The event Areas of relaxation were also available for employees to play card games and chess along with many other table games.

Commenting on the occasion, Waseem Nuqul, Marketing Manager at FINE Hygienic Paper Levant, said, “We pride ourselves in such activities as they help boost relations between staff in all departments allowing them to get acquainted on a more personal level. Labor Day recognizes dedicated workers around the world; therefore, it is very important that we give them special attention every year through such pleasant and informal activities.”

It is worth mentioning that FINE Hygienic Paper Company held its Labor Day celebration on the 15th of May to successfully organize the accommodation of its many staff members at the Dead Sea.