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First-of-its-kind online platform set to transform healthcare collaboration in MENA region

August 18, 2014 12:25 pm

A unique online, secure web platform – uniting doctors across the Middle East and North Africa – will allow healthcare specialists to connect, collaborate and share advice and best practices on patient safety and treatment, revolutionizing communication in the industry across the region.

With the Middle East’s population estimated to explode from over 233 million in 2015 to nearly 460 million by 2025, the impact felt by the healthcare industry among others, will be substantial. An almost doubling of the population – largely due to an influx of expatriates and in part due to the Dubai Expo 2020 – will create a vast increase in demand for doctors, consultants and physicians, as well as hospitals, research and rehabilitation facilities, and diagnostic and treatment centers.

Recently launched, Doxunity is a simple and seamless system enabling members to have complete control of their professional profiles. They can build and engage with their professional network, connect with colleagues, peers, classmates, alumni and referrals, send messages, share information, and stay current on global and regional healthcare news. Specifically designed to alleviate what can sometimes be a fragmented healthcare system across the MENA region, it is only open to licensed and practicing medical professionals.

Dr. Abdurrahman Mahmoud, an Endocrinologist who practices in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, commented, “Having a network of physicians that are practicing in the MENA region all in one place is a vital tool to have. Time and communication are valuable assets in medicine. With Doxunity’s efficient yet detailed search feature, doctors don’t have to wait for a prolonged period of time for a response from a fellow medical professional.”

“As the MENA region is becoming a more attractive place to practice medicine, it’s very important to know your network and be able to reach out to them. Doxunity keeps our information private, and the fact that it is restricted to physicians makes it even more ideal,” continued Dr. Mahmoud.

The Dubai-based founder and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University Fadi A. Muhsen and Dubai-based founder Umair S. Awan, Doxunity has been created through consultation and input from medical experts from around the region. Over 12 months in development, its recent ‘soft launch’ was extremely well received among the healthcare community.

“Given that the current population in the MENA region is projected to grow by almost 100% by in the next 11 years, a number of service sectors, in particular the healthcare industry, will need to adapt. Part of this will undoubtedly require closer collaboration within the healthcare ecosystem,” explained Fadi. Fadi continued, “Medical communication is vital to delivering accurate diagnosis and exceptional patient care. Doxunity provides an easy to use and secure platform for professionals to collaborate and seek advice from peers and mentors.”

Communication and collaboration often play a pivotal role in patient diagnosis and healthcare quality improvement. The one-of-a-kind online platform will also facilitate more efficient, effective communication, at no cost, in addition to producing an overall improvement in patient care.