Flex Family Club Roll evacuation exercise

July 24, 2014 9:45 am

Out of its commitment to secure necessary procedures of safety and in parallel with its deep keenness to guarantee participants at its kids summer camp a safe environment to enjoy their leisure time, Flex Family Club has organized an evacuation training exercise with the prime aim to train the employees on a quick evacuation should incidents occur such as fire, bombing or explosion.

The training which was given by Flex Operation Managers involved all of the club staff. It has covered vital aspects to deal with in case of incidences including the technical installations in the club for firefighting considering that the club enjoys the latest firefighting technologies to ensure kids safety upon their presence at the club, floors exit doors and corridors and the assembly point in addition to assigning the staff evacuation team who will lead the evacuation of the building and evacuation procedures.

Commenting of Flex initiative Mrs. Basma Al –Naqi, Flex Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our brilliant staff managed the whole evacuation exercise in only three minutes which proves a high capability and speediness in the execution”. She added: “Now we have peace in mind that our kids’ guests at the summer camp will enjoy a time full of leisure, entertainment in a highly secured environment while most importantly all of the safety measurements have been tested and secured.”

Worth to mention that Flex provide this year an unprecedented summer club for kids who will have hands on experience in different skills including sports and education to have an unforgettable summer.