Flex hosts Children’s Open Day for Commercial Bank of Kuwait ‘My First Account’ customers

April 30, 2014 12:27 pm

‘Today’s children are Tomorrow’s future’ that was the concept behind Flex & CBK’s event that took place at Flex Family. Flex Resorts & Real Estate Co. was honored to host a Children’s Open Day for the Commercial Bank of Kuwait ‘My First Account’ customers and card holders where the kids were invited to spend a whole day along with their mothers to enjoy various sports & entertaining programs that been designed specially to encourage the kids and the youngsters to be active and healthy as well as strengthening the relationship between the kids and their moms.

Flex is always devoted for the healthy life style and that was the main objective behind this event, Flex Family dedicated its facilities and professional trainers & educators for a one day full of fun, sports, exercises and entertainment. They provided the kids and their moms with their full attention and upmost care to guarantee them a great time in a safe environment.

During the open day the kids enjoyed a lot of sports and entrainment activities along with games and competitions such as: basketball, volleyball, karate & martial arts, gymnastics, climbing wall, swimming and much more. Flex Gourmet’s nutritional experts were very keen to provide the guests with dietary and nutritional advices in addition to answering all of their questions and inquiries then healthy meals were provided by Flex Gourmet for children & moms.

Commenting on this event, Ms. Basma Al Naqi- Flex’s CEO, said, “Flex Resorts & Real Estates Co has always been striving to build a healthier Kuwaiti society. This time, we thought that the best method to achieve this objective is through directing the young generation to change their lifestyles where they start considering playing sports and eating healthy. This shall in return have a positive impact on their health, their attitude, their education as well as strengthening children and mom’s relationships which will lead to a strong, capable and well prepared Kuwaiti generation.”

Flex Family continuously offers children and youngsters dedicated programs that are entertaining, developmental and educational. As every year, Flex Family is preparing to launch its annual summer camp starting from June – August 2014 with more activities, surprises and much more fun.

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