Flex organizes ‘Office Work Out’ session for NESTLÉ employees in Kuwait

April 23, 2014 11:31 am

Committed to support the community and enhance the quality of life; Flex has organized “Office Work Out” session for NESTLÉ- Kuwait employees with the prime aim to entice them to care about their health and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

During the event, Flex’s professional dietitians and instructors have excelled in guiding NESTLÉ employees on the best ways to keep up with their health.

The event has started with a presentation and life demo on the correct healthy practices for the office environment to show the employees how to perform office exercises & stretches. Flex dieticians joined the employees and shared with them nutritional tips on healthy eating habits especially in the office. To ensure getting the best outcome out of this session as well as helping the employees to get rid of the work stress and pressure, Flex was keen to offer them a Relaxing Yoga Session.

Commenting on Flex’s initiative, Ms. Basma Al Naqi- Flex’s CEO said: “Flex is always dedicated to spread awareness on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and we believe in the importance of the right healthy practices & habits that benefit the quality of life which will be reflected on the overall health of our society.”

She added, “NESTLÉ “Office Work Out” session is a very special & unique activity for Flex and this initiative came from our strong confidence that the employees are considered the greatest asset of any successful establishment therefore educating them on how to practice a healthy routine would beneficial and would improve their health and in return will improve their work productivity. We sincerely hope that NESTLÉ employees enjoyed Flex’s initiative and we encourage other companies to organize similar exercises in order to have a productive work environment which will lead to the prosperity and growth of the Kuwaiti economy.”

Commenting on this session, Mr. Tarik Al-Ghareeb – NESTLÉ Kuwait Human Resources Manager- said: “We appreciate Flex’s great effort and support. This initiative has succeeded to asset the employees in managing their fitness and eating habits and we are continuously aiming to become healthier at work.”

NESTLÉ employees were excited to join the “Work Out Session” which has been concluded by a health screening for the employees by checking their Mass Body Index (BMI) and answering any questions they had.


Hiba Al Zouhbi
Media Relations
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