FoCP distributes gifts to young cancer patients for Hag Al Leila

June 19, 2014 2:17 pm

Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) reached out to young cancer patients by giving out gifts to commemorate Hag Al Leila, the Emirati cultural celebration which marks the mid of the Sha’aban.

The gifts were hand woven by children from Sharjah Children’s Centres (SCC). The 120 pouches filled with sweets were created in the form of local Emirati dresses for men and women and were handed out to young male and female cancer patients at Dubai Hospital as well as those under the care of the FoCP.

On this occasion, HE Ameera Binkaram, President of the Board of Trustees and a founding member of the Friends of Cancer Patients society (FoCP), said: “Hag Al Leila is a time of joy and celebration for children all over the country. At such an early age, these children have shown great bravery and determination after being touched by cancer. While they may not be able to actively participate in the traditional festivities outside the hospital, we hope in some way to bring the spirit of Hag al Leila to them by distributing these gifts and treats”.

HE Ameera Binkaram added: “I am deeply moved and inspired to see the compassion of the children from Sharjah Children’s Centres, in caring for other children with cancer in this way. We would like to thank the SCC for its commitment to help bring the joy of Hag al Leila to everyone.”

The Emirati cultural tradition of Hag al Leila has for generations been connected with the notion of giving to others, and involves Emirati children dressed in traditional clothes going round their neighbourhood to collect sweets, nuts, and other treats. It is held on the 14th day of Sha’aban, the eight month of the Islamic calendar, which is followed by Ramadan.

Commenting on the initiative, Reem Abdulraheem Binkaram, Acting Director of the Department of Children Centers in Sharjah, said: “The goal of the participation by children from the centers in this event side by side with FoCP is to enhance their sense of responsibility and compassion with other children, as well as to motivate them and introduce them to charity work. Our children distributed 120 pouches of sweets that they prepared themselves, and we are glad to see that this initiative succeeded in bringing smiles to the children’s lips.”