Fujairah hosts the second emirati-german conference of medicine and health economics

February 2, 2014 6:27 am

Under the auspices of his highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, supreme council member and ruler of Fujairah. The emirate hosts the second emarati-german conference of medicine and health economics which is organized by the east group of health care, the largest health institutions operating in the country.

A group of a select doctors from Germany and a number of workers in the health sector in the country will Participate in the conference, which will be held in the period between 2nd to 4th next February, while the participants in the conference will be given 15 hours of training approved by the ministry health in the united Arab Emirates

On this occasion, Dr Abdul Hameed Sinan, director of East hospital said “The second emirati-german conference of medicine and health economics is the ideal platform that allows participants to take advantage of the latest medical research and techniques of health that are used in German hospitals, this conference which will be attended by a select group of seniors workers in the medical sector in Germany, will contribute to provide a high level of medical services and this will be through the exchange of ideas and experiences about the best ways to upgrade the skills and expertise of doctors working in the east coast of UAE”

The conference aims to exchange the information related to the medical and health field where the participants will discuss at the conference many of relevant topics including the general surgery and surgery of liver, lung ,cancer of stomach, and intestines, breast, also surgical methods for orthotics, urology, gynecology.

The speakers at the conference, will address the innovative ways to manage and diagnose diseases in various disciplines.

The conference also allows workers in the field to see the rapid developments and the latest scientific and technical innovations in the medical and health field

The east of health care is a subsidiary of Fujairah National Group and it is considered one of the largest private companies that provides medical services, health and pharmaceuticals care in the eastern region of the state.

It was established in 1994 to provide medical coverage and high quality of treatment services for the population of Fujairah east coast

The east of health care company seeks in the coming years to provide the best medical services and health care, it currently owns the east health care hospital which accommodates one hundred (100) beds with a world-class level and high quality medical care.

The hospital also owns four medical centers and four pharmacies and clinics, drugs store and home care services center

East Hospital: it is the first private hospital contains of a hundred (100) beds which equipped with the best ways and means of comfort and safety, as the hospital provides also ambulance and emergency services in an integrated manner which operates 24 hours a day

The hospital has a twenty one of outpatient clinics specializing and supervised by a distinguish group of doctors, consultants and qualified specialists

The hospital also includes the intensive care unit, intensive care unit for children, unity of perspectives, birth room equipped with the latest hardware, minor and major operating room.

It also provides hospital units diagnostic procedures (laboratory, radiology) equipped very carefully of high quality, and provide the services of diagnostic, radiology, RRI, and CT scans, mammography imagining ultrasound and endoscopy and it is supervised by cadre of qualified medical section and with professional experience and professionalism.