GB Ghabbour Auto initiates development of orphans’ care in Egypt

April 10, 2014 9:37 am

GB Ghabbour Auto is calling the Egyptian society to develop its orphans’ care. The company believes that the society’s path towards orphans’ care needs to be altered, as we limit caring for them to a certain day or month.

Additionally, some of us limit expressing their care to visiting the kids in their orphanages. GB Auto is afraid that this method will damage the health of their social upbringing. The company also believes that blending kids into the society is one of the essential factors that will play a role in granting a healthy social upbringing for Egypt’s dear orphans.

Accordingly, GB Ghabbour Auto was honored to invite Orman orphans to attend the ‘Bollywood show’ that was performed in Cairo Opera House and was sponsored by GB Ghabbour Auto. The event is organized in the framework of cultural and artistic exchange between Egypt and India.

The main aim of this invitation was embracing kids in the society and opening the door for them to integrate with their community. Moreover, GB Ghabbour Auto was aiming to provide these kids with an exceptional experience that gets engraved in their memories, and expose them to new cultures, which definitely contributes in expanding their horizons. The company succeed in achieving its goals, as the kids interacted with the company’s team effectively, enjoyed the show, and expressed desire to discover many of these experiences in the future.

At last, GB Ghabbour Auto would like to express gratitude to Orman Family for accepting our invitation and granting us the opportunity to draw a smile on the face of our dear kids.