The General Directorate of Copyrights System closes stores infringed copyrights in Riyadh and Riyadh Governorates

April 15, 2014 10:49 am

The General Directorate of Copyrights System implemented the penalty of temporary closure against 72 stores in Riyadh. On Wednesday morning, 9 April 2014, inspectors, accompanied by media people, began closing the stores against which the temporary closure penalty was issued. Signs were fixed on the stores, showing the closure period and indicating that the store is closed for infringement of copyrights system.

Commenting on the closure campaign, Mr. Ali Al Bishi, senior inspector at the General Directorate of Copyrights System, said, “He received the closure decision against 72 stores in Riyadh region, including 44 stores in Riyadh, and 28 stores in Riyadh governorates and along Dammam, Qassim, Kharj and Makkah highway.”

Al Bishi pointed out, “The campaign comes to implement the decisions made by the committee responsible for considering infringements to the copyrights system.” He said, “The closure penalty is part of several penalties, including fines, compensation to the copyright owners, closure and defamation through newspapers against certain stores, who will also be responsible for payment of defamation announcements.”

Al Bishi added, “The closure penalty in Riyadh would be implemented this week, while inspectors will head next week to other closure areas. He said that the closure period in the decisions he received ranges between 60 to 70 days.” According to Al Bishi, media people should not publish any photo showing names of the stores or even the neighboring stores. He said, “The current action is for the closure penalty only, while the defamation penalty issued against certain stores will be implemented according to specific mechanism, including publication of advertisements on local newspapers on the expense of the stores infringing the copyright system.”

“Closure will be implemented through a specific procedure, starting with disconnection of the electric power, verification that all workers are out of the store with their personal belongings, and finally the store will be closed in presence of the store owner or manager, who will put his signature. Inspectors will follow-up the stores to verify that the closure sign is not covered. In such instances, the police authorities will be called to take the legal actions against them,” Al Bishi stated, adding that at the last day of the closure period, the store will be reopened in presence of the owner or manager, who will also sign on the reopening minutes.

Mentioning the activities of the closed stores, Al Bishi stated, “10 of the stores are specialized in selling computers with unlicensed software at Al Olaya (Computer Haraj), Al Salhya complex, Al Jafal center and Al Thuraya complex, 15 stores are selling illegal copies of software, 27 stores are selling unoriginal records and 20 video stores that copy and sell unoriginal films.”

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